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The churches in your area can participate in CLAY Student Leadership through a partnership with the Office of Hispanic Ministries and Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas.

Email us to find out more!

About Clay

CLAY Student Leadership is a program designed

to positively transform the lives of students and

parents in at-risk communities through holistic

and relevant leadership training.  Since its

inception in 1997, CLAY Student Leadership’s


has helped decrease the maladaptive behaviors

of at-risk students and increased the effectiveness

of at-promise students by partnering with schools,

churches, nonprofit organizations, outreach

programs, and corporations to foster a community-based approach to student transformation. Through CLAY Student Leadership students and families find hope and purpose as each student learns to dream again and gains the practical tools to achieve their dreams.


CLAY Results

Participation in CLAY Student Leadership programs produces the following results in students:

  • Improved academic performance

  • Goal-oriented life planning

  • Increased sense of purpose and self-worth

  • A shift in attitude and behavior

  • Increased sense of support from family and school


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