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College Mentor

Join an incredible community of college friends that are willing to help you navigate your first year of college.


  • a mentor,

  • a plan, and

  • encouragement from a college friend.

Have you wondered why many students drop out of college?


There are many answers and reasons to that question. However, one of the prevalent issues that contributes to this phenomenon is the lack of mentorship given to college students as they enter to this new stage of life. Mentoring is the essence of discipleship. Our Lord Jesus commanded his disciples to, “go and make disciples.” (Matt. 28:19). In other words, “help others as they walk their own journey so that they would also help others do the same.”

This principle is transferable to many areas of life including college life.

Our college mentoring program will assist students of the Hispanic Baptist Churches in the state of Texas with their transition to college. It will support them during difficult times, provide them with guidance and advice, help them to strengthen their faith, and will ultimately help make their college experience more successful and satisfying. I invite you to explore this website and check how this program works. There might be a place for you to serve, sign up, or pray for this program. Help us to equip, activate, and make an impact together! 


Dr. Rolando D. Aguirre

President of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas

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