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Immigration: Prayer Sunday. Action Monday.

What Can Your Church do for Immigrants and "Dreamers"
Prayer Sunday.

Choose a Sunday to focus on the needs of immigrants and "Dreamers." Utilize this page to incorporate sermons, prayer times, studies, and other resources in your service to emphasize social justice for immigrants.

Don't forget to challenge the congregation to take action the following day.

Action Monday.

You prayed with the congregation - now it's time to take action!

Utilize the resources on this page to guide your congregation to take steps to advocate for justice for immigrants and "Dreamers" in the following ways:

  • Call or send emails to your representatives and ask them to support immigration reforms that reflect justice to immigrants

  • Sign letters or petitions in favor of immigration reform

  • Utilize social media to bring attention to this effort

  • Encourage others to pray and take action

  • Make sure the information that you share is correct and up to date

Resources - Prayer Sunday
Bible Verses​





Other Resources


Prayer Sundy
Resources - Action Monday
Contact Your Senator or Congressman

Contact your members of Congress today and ask them to find a permanent legislative solution for immigrants and "Dreamers" as soon as possible.

  • Who Represents Me? - enter your address and find out who represents you and how you can contact them



Other Resources

Action Monday

Media & Graphics

Media & Graphics
Prayer Sunday. Action Monday.
Domingo de Oración. Lunes de Acción.
Video: DREAMer — Itzayana’s Story

Itzayana was brought to the United States from Mexico at the age of two. She's 24 years old now and serves her local church. With the elimination of DACA, Itzayana may be deported to a country she has never called home. Contact your members of Congress and ask for their support of DREAMers like Itzayana. Please share Itzayana's story.

Video: DREAMer — Jemima’s Story

Jemima was brought to the United States as a young child. She's now a recent college graduate working for a Christian ministry serving vulnerable children. With the elimination of DACA, the future Jemima has been building for herself may soon be taken away. If Congress does not pass new legislation by March 5, 2018, Jemima will possibly be deported to a place she hasn't call home in over 15 years. Contact your members of Congress and ask for their support of DREAMers like Jemima. Please share Jemima's story 

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