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Join the Convención

Your Church Can Join our Family of Faith


“A church is deemed to be affiliated with the Convention if such church (1) identifies itself with, aligns itself with, and endorses, generally, the purposes and work of the Convention, and (2) is otherwise eligible to send messengers to the annual meeting of the Convention. A church is deemed to be cooperating with the Convention (“Cooperating Church”) if such church: (1) participates in the various activities of the Convention and (2) provides regular and systematic financial support to the Convention..” (Bylaws, Articule I-Section 1)

Your church can be an "Affiliated Church or a "Cooperating Church. Affiliated Churches receive all the benefits of affiliating, with the exception of sending messengers to vote in the Annual Meeting. Cooperating Churches can send messengers and have candidates to fill the positions of officers, directors, etc.


Become an Affiliated Church 


Churches that desire to affiliate with the Hispanic Convention of Texas can do so as follows:


Become a Cooperating Church


Churches that desire to collaborate with Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas can do so:

  • By Check made to:

    n Bautista Hispana de Texas
    PO Box 761264
    San Antonio, TX 78245


¡Together . . . Adelante!

Image by Kelly Sikkema


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