Convención Student Tracks

  Shine Girls & GearedUP Guys 

  Monday, June 26, 8:30-Noon 

**This Scholarship will be given away Monday during the student lunch program.**

**Must be present to win. **

FREE Option

Both the Shine Girls and Geared Up Guys student tracks are FREE to attend.


No registration required!

$10 VIP Option

$10 Registration per person Includes:

- VIP Lunch on Monday

- T-Shirt!



Tana Castañeda
“SHINE In Darkness”
Blessie Kurapati
Julianne Mirabal
“SHINE Through Tough Stuff” Anyra Cano

GearedUP Guys Track

"Tackle the Times"


Robby Quintero

Southwest Baptist Church  San Antonio, TX

Workshop #1 A (Rm 263)



"Preparing for Purpose"


Jonathan Amaya

Comunidad PIB  Magnolia, TX

Workshop #1 B (Rm 261)