Convención Student Tracks

  Shine Girls & GearedUP Guys 

  Monday, June 26, 8:30-Noon 

**This Scholarship will be given away Monday during the student lunch program.**

**Must be present to win. **

FREE Option

Both the Shine Girls and Geared Up Guys student tracks are FREE to attend.


No registration required!

$10 VIP Option

$10 Registration per person Includes:

- VIP Lunch on Monday

- T-Shirt!



VIP Registration
Tana Castañeda
“SHINE In Darkness”
Blessie Kurapati
Julianne Mirabal
“SHINE Through Tough Stuff” Anyra Cano

GearedUP Guys Track

"Tackle the Times"


Robby Quintero

Southwest Baptist Church  San Antonio, TX

Workshop #1 A (Rm 263)



"Preparing for Purpose"


Jonathan Amaya

Comunidad PIB  Magnolia, TX

Workshop #1 B (Rm 261)